Solar Panel Monitoring and Control

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Concentrated solar power is emerging as a competitive renewable energy resource, attracting growing attention from IPPs, utilities and investors.  

Yitran offers advanced solutions and unique techniques of PLC coupling for the solar panel power line environment, thereby providing the high communication reliability and network protocol needed for solar power monitoring and control.

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  • Remote control
    – Degree of tilt to maximize sun exposure
    – Control individual panels or an entire field
  • Real time monitoring
    – Need Cleaning
    – Silicon degradation/cell replacement
    – Defects, damage or shadows
    – Weather conditions
    – Theft detection
    – Output/Input

Yitran's IT700 is a highly robust, low cost IC with low power consumption values. An evaluation package is available for those interested in evaluating Yitran's award winning PLC.

Yitran Communications is a leading provider of cutting edge Powerline Communication technology for the command and control smart grid market.