IT700 Flash Programmer -

The IT700 Flash Programmer together with the Programmer’s PC application (“IT700 Flasher”) provides a complete tool for programming the flash memory in Yitran’s IT700 chip. The IT700 Flash Programmer is a small device connected to a PC USB port and the target device. The IT700 Flash Programmer is used for programming only; no debugging can be done with the device.  

IT700 Flash Programmer connected to STK3

  • Features
  • Package Contents
  • Programming interface to the IT700 Flash.
  • USB Interface to the PC for Programming and Control.
  • LED indication for “Power”, “Busy” and “Target Connected.”
  • PC GUI – “IT700 Flasher” allows erasing chip, erase sectors read and write (including verification) to the IT700 flash.
  • Programmer’s firmware update.
  • Compatible to the STK3 Programmer connector.
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