IT900 - Yitran's DCSK Turbo

The next generation in Powerline Communication networking at 500kbps, IT900 DCSK Turbo provides upper layer support for SE 1.0, IPv4 and PIv6.

IT900 is the first fully integrated PLC modem and application solution on a single chip to feature DCSK Turbo speed and robustness.

IT900 feature a full protocol stack to meet the demands of AMR/AMM/AMI and Home/Building Automation.

IT900 provide nearly 60 times greater throughput than the IT800 series.  

Yitran’s leadership in PLC began with IT800 (7.5Kbps), which was selected by HomePlug as the baseline technology for the HomePlug C&C open standard, and continues with IT700 and IT900, available now.  

Yitran's next generation IT900 is designed to meet the demands of Energy Management (AMR/AMM/AMI) and Home/Building Automation.