DCSK Modulation - Features and Benefits

DCSK (Differential Code Shift Keying) is Yitran's patented spectrum modulation technology that enables extremely robust Powerline Communication.


  • Resistance to pulse noise
  • Resistance to linear and non-linear distortion
  • Adaptive operation handles fast variations in medium characteristics
  • Resistance to synchronization errors & timing jitters
  • Fast recovery from severe fade or jamming 

In addition to the inherent interference immunity provided by the DCSK modulation, Yitran technology utilizes several machanisms for enhanced communication reliability. These include forward short block soft decoding error correction algorithm (patented) and unique synchronization algorithms.

How DCSK Works

DCSK modulates the symbol by cyclic shifting of the basic symbol in the transmitter, and detection of the shift in the receiver.

The first graphic (below) shows the original none shifted symbol, which may also represent a ‘0000’ information.

The second and third graphics (below) demonstrate modulated symbols that are created from the original symbol by cyclic shift according to the data value.

Yitran's patented DCSK (Differential Code Shift Keying) spectrum modulation technology enables extremely robust Powerline Communication (PLC).