HomePlug C&C - Command & Control Standard

Yitran’s IT800 transceiver technology was selected as the baseline technology for the HomePlug Command and Control (C&C) standard, following a bake-off including nine other companies from around the world. Additional evaluation and comparisons were conducted by Microsoft, Siemens, LG, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, RadioShack, GE, Haier, Motorola and others.

 HomePlug C&C Applications Include:

  • Energy management solutions to save money and conserve energy
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Safety and security features
  • Healthcare monitoring solutions

HomePlug C&C FAQs

  • HomePlug C&C is "Green tech enabled"?
    Yes! HomePlug C&C and other HomePlug technologies create the basic communications network for Smart Grid and AMR/AMM/AMI initiatives. HomePlug C&C saves energy and money by enabling automatic adjustment of thermostats during peak demand times, remote monitoring to indicate lower tariff hours, street light control, automatic and remote meter reading and more. HomePlug C&C stands to provide a real, existing, robust and dependable technology to address the complexities of today and tomorrow's energy needs in our demanding energy environment.
  • How does HomePlug C&C work with other technologies?
    There are multiple ways to implement command and control applications. HomePlug C&C goes a step further by addressing energy conservation issues that work in tandem with a utility company's smart grid initiatives. HomePlug C&C also has the ability to work together with other command and control technologies through a simple adapter. For example, bridging between commands sent from RF technologies inside the home.

    HomePlug C&C will not interfere with high-speed networking choices, such as HomePlug 1, HomePlug AV, WiFi and Ethernet. Due to the ubiquity of power outlets, product companies are expected to develop technology "bridges" for seamless communication no matter which technology a consumer chooses.

    HomePlug C&C was especially designed for superior performance to overcome the challenges of the powerline medium. HomePlug C&C's powerline-enabled network is more convenient than traditional wired networks and requires no additional wiring or construction.
  • HomePlug C&C Main Features
  • C&C Work Group
  • About HomePlug
  • PHY Layer  
  • MAC Layer  
  • *Device Profiles provide a common description language to define devices in terms of services supported, service properties and actions, and sub-devices.
  • *Networking Layer
    Internetworking and Intranetworking data services.
    Management services, such as creating logical networks, automatic routing and addressing, security, optimized overhead.
    Configuration for adjustments based on cost, coordination, installation, or routing options.
  • *Host Layers
    Intranetworking and managements of services that minimize implementation requirements.
    Implements device profiles and interfaces lower layers' services.
    Advanced end to end communications services.

* HomePlug C&C contains a PHY and MAC layer in Ver 1.0 with plans to expand to Networking and Session layers.

Yitran’s IT800 transceiver technology was selected as the baseline technology for the HomePlug Command and Control standard. HomePlug C&C creates the basic communications network for Smart Grid and AMR/AMM/AMI initiatives.