PITEL™10 - Features and Benefits

The PITEL10™ Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) Access System is based on Yitran’s ITM10, 24Mbps PLC chip. PITEL10™ Distributes Broadband and VoIP via a building’s existing electrical wiring.

Cost-effective, scalable and reliable means of enabling broadband connectivity in every room or apartment. Avoids the time and expense of wiring a costly dedicated communication infrastructure. Easy setup and scalability to provide broadband connectivity to MDU (Multi Dwelling Units) residents, hotel guests and office customers.

PITEL10™ is designed for deployment in challenging environments. The system is ideal where traditional connectivity using hard-wired or wireless technology does not exist, is not economically or technically feasible.

PITEL10™ provides superior communication reliability, efficient net data throughput, high performance and immunity to interference created by electrical motors, fluorescent and halogen lamps, switching power supplies, and so forth.



  • Low-cost, secure service provides an instant revenue stream
  • Easy, non-disruptive, non-invasive installation
  • Flexible scalability – add a unit, add a customer
  • No rewiring – existing electric wiring becomes a powerful communications network
  • Connects to any Internet source: DSL, Cable modem, wireless, Satellite and Fiber optics
  • Internet is quickly at hand at any electrical outlet
  • Reliable, robust networking solution
  • Mitigation of environmental barriers
  • Consistent bit rate and highest on-site performance
  • Triple DES encryption
  • PITEL10™ Building Blocks
  • Functions & Services
  • BST - Base Station - connected to the backbone and to multiple repeaters and remotes - transfers and controls data traffic.
  • RPT - Repeater - a relay transferring information to other units in the network. Required in cases of long wiring and high attenuation.
  • RMT - Remote - the end user unit, which sometimes referred to as CPE (Customer Premises Equipment).
  • WBM - Secured Web Based network Managemet with standard web browser user interface. Enables remote (over the Internet), monitoring and configuration of the system.
The PITEL10™ Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) Access System distributes Broadband and VoIP via a building’s existing electrical wiring.