Powerline Communication: Cost Effective Networking for the African Grid

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Yitran Communications, a leading and award winning fabless semiconductor company, offers Powerline Communication (PLC) modems especially designed for reliable networking for the Smart Grid and other energy efficient applications. Yitran’s PLC ICs are designed to withstand a rough environment, can maintain quality communication over long distances (including underground).

Yitran will feature their full line of PLC networking technology at the upcoming African Utility Week in Cape Town, South Africa from March 15-17. Yitran’s booth will show the IT700 legacy DCSK PLC solution, which has been installed in many AMR/AMM projects around the world as well as their new generation IT900 DCSK Turbo, reaching speeds of up to 500Kbps and the first designs of IT1000, which meets G3/Prime/G.hnem coming standards.

More than 1000 customers are currently using Yitran’s IT700 technology for AMR/AMM/AMI, load shift, street light control, solar panel control and monitoring, in home/building energy management, smart home applications including white goods appliances, high/mid voltage monitoring as well as other control applications. This experience is evident in Yitran’s state of the art and innovative solutions for Powerline Communications with superior reliability while maintaining at low cost for this cost sensitive market.

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