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  • Yitran at Utilitiy Week 2017 22 September 2017 - Avner
    Yitran Technologies Management will attend the Utility Week 2017 Event  in Amsterdam, during October 3-4 2017. If you would  like to meet Yitran, please write to us at,  or call us during the event at +972 52 4358822
  • Yitran will participate in Europe Utility Week - Nov. 3-5 Vienna 29 April 2015

    Yitran Technologies will participate in Europe Utility Week, Nov 3-5 2015 in Vienna.

  • Yitran offers a new Street Light solution 29 April 2015
    Yitran has developed and is offering  a full Street Light Control Unit including PLC communication capability suited for different standards (0-10v, PWM, DALI etc..). The module includes full networking layer to allow a very high reliability of communication at all time. Yitran will demonstrate the product in the coming Utility Week event, November 3-5 in Vienna, Austria.
  • Yitran has expanded its presence in Russia market 01 November 2014
    Yitran has expanded its presence in the Russian market through several major new installments. Yitran IT700 based low cost highly reliable solution has proven to be the best PLC solution for major Power Utilities in Russia, through its ability to communicate over the very tough environment of the Russian grid. Since November 2014, Yitran has establish a local presence in Moscow which can be directly contacted. Contact Yitran for Moscow contact details.
  • New phone & fax numbers 23 March 2014
     Yitran Technologies Ltd. new telephone and fax number: Tel: +972 8 9580 282 Fax: +972 8 9580281
  • Yitran provides a new RS485 to PLC platform that enables seamless integration with existing RS485 or RF based applications
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    Yitran Communications, a leading and award winning Powerline Communication fabless semiconductor company, announce a new RS485+ platform that provides a transparent bridge between RS485 ready applications such as AMR/AMI/AMM, Split Meter, IHD, Prepaid Meters and more to Yitran's powerline communication IC's and modules.

    The RS485+ platform is available for Yitran's low cost IT700 7.5Kbps DCSK based PLC modem IC. In the future the platform will be also be adopted for Yitran's IT1000 , a 1Mbps OFDM flex PLC modem IC that implements different OFDM based standards such as Prime, G3, G.hnem and IEEE 1901.2.

    Yitran provides also RS485+ evaluation kit which include the RS485+ adapter, a ready to use, full power line communication adapter, a coupling unit and power supply. The adapter has two connections, one for the powerline and the other for the RS485 interface. Connecting two units and more to an existing RS485 based system will initiate an instant full networking communication over the powerline grid.

    "The RS485+ platform will allow vendors an easy migration from ready AMR/AMI/AMM RS485 or RF based systems to the most reliable power line communication networking solution known, enabling the elimination of the wire or the extension of the RF coverage, especially into the home", Said Avner Matmor, President and CEO of Yitran. "We also managed to reduce the cost of the IT700, our legacy and extremely robust DCSK solution, and we made it very attractive for low cost applications such as Prepaid and Split-Meters."

    Customers will be able to implement the conversion from RS485/RF to PLC without the need to change the original system interface, simply by connecting to Yitran's transparent bridge.

    Kits and modules will be available to order on November 2012.

    Yitran will demonstrate the RS485+ platform at the Metering Billing/CRM Europe in Amsterdam, October 9-11, 2012 at booth F42.

  • Yitran’s Technology Featured Inside Smart Grid Technologies Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010
    Yitran’s Technology Featured Inside Smart Grid Technologies Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010
    Yitran’s Powerline Communication (PLC) IT700 technology is featured by the Chinese State Grid Corp. in their pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The pavilion shows Smart Homes and Smart Buildings as part of the smart grid vision and innovations that will be integrated into China’s future . Yitran’s PLC technology is featured in the smart sockets connected to intelligent home appliances for energy management purposes and in home displays that provide accurate real-time status, feedback and analysis of the energy usage profile in the home. 
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