Home (HAN)/Building Automation

Built-in communication capabilities added to home appliances enable a variety of new features, services and usage. These capabilities result in higher quality of life, increased convenience and save money.

“Smart Appliances” networked to each other and to the Internet, can be monitored and controlled locally from a single or multiple locations within the house, or remotely via the Internet. Home owners can control their lights, security and appliances as well as receive real-time reports and alerts.

Appliance manufacturers and technicians can also benefit from a direct link to provide remote service and diagnostics. Yitran’s PLC and PLC-ZigBee technology enables appliance manufacturers to turn this opportunity into reality and leverage their offering, market share and revenue stream.
Smart Home networking is a form of HAN (Home Area Networking) that allows for local and remote monitoring and management of devices linked to a network. Yitran's transceiver technology is the baseline technology for the HomePlug Command and Control standard.