About PLC (Powerline Communication)

PLC (Powerline Communication) utilizes the power line infrastructure in a home, office or other building, both indoor and outdoor, for networking and communication thereby eliminating the expense and inconvenience of new wires or antenna-based networks.

The power line can be an extremely difficult and noisy communications medium, characterized by several unpredictable and strong forms of interference. Yitran’s patented solutions overcome the interference and reliability problems that can occur on the power line and offer low cost, robust and superior performance. 

Reliable, low cost PLC technology enables ubiquitous applications for residential and business markets. PLC opens a whole new world of business opportunities to appliance and electric devices manufacturers, utilities and other service providers, with no need to install new cables or jacks. With PLC, every electrical outlet can become a communication node, part of a PLC network.

PLC applications include Command and Control networking, which allows local and remote monitoring and management of devices linked to a single network.

PLC (Powerline Communication) applications include Energy Management/Smart Grid such as AMR, AMM, AMI; Home/Building Automation including HVAC control, lighting control, security entrance, telehealth, appliance diagnostics and control, and more.