Founders & Management

  • Mr. Avner Matmor Founder, President and CEO

    Avner is a co-founder of Yitran and serves as President and CEO. In 1981, Mr. Matmor received his B.Sc.E.E. from the Ben Gurion University in Israel. Avner's technical expertise and managerial skills are the direct result of practical experience in research and development, marketing and sales for leading developers of hi-tech instrumentation and equipment. Since 1990, he has been assigned to several top-level managerial positions for leading corporations in operations, marketing, business development and finance. Mr. Matmor has extensive marketing and business experience, combined with in-depth knowledge of hi-tech technologies, enabling a discerning viewpoint of market dynamics. Between 1993 and 1995 Avner directed operations for QualiTau's Israeli division as VP of Operations.

    At the end of 1996, after a year of an extensive market research Avner, together with Dr. Raphaeli, founded Yitran Communications. Avner continues to serve as the driving force behind Yitran's successful and leading penetration into the power line market place.

  • Dr. Dan Raphaeli Founder & Consultant

    Dr. Raphaeli, received his B.Sc.E.E (Cum Laude), at age of 18, from the Ben Gurion University (1986) and Ph.d. (1994) from the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH). Dr. Raphaeli served 5 years working for the Electronic Research Department of the Israel Ministry of Defense, in various areas of communications.

    From 1992-1994 Dr. Raphaeli was at the Communication Research Section of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA. Since 1994, Dr. Raphaeli is with the Department of Electrical Engineering-Systems at the University of Tel Aviv where he is an Associate Professor. Dr. Raphaeli is a senior member of the IEEE and won several academic and professional awards and honors. He has also contributed to the areas of power line, wireless and satellite communications through his published works and consulting services for leading communication companies active in modulation, coding, RF, DSP and MODEM architectures.

  • Mr. Yonatan Matmor Executive VP - Business Director

    Yonatan holds a B.Sc. in Communication Engineering. From Ben Gurion University in Israel. He joined Yitran in 2004 as a communication engineer at the R&D department, involved in developing Yitran's networking layers. In 2008 Yonatan moved to the business & sales department, responsible for support, sales and business development in South America, Europe, Africa, Taiwan, Singapore and more. His understanding and experience in Yitran's Networking layer and in the products in general, allows him a high level support to its customers and a high level support to the product management department in Yitran.

  • Mr. Gonen Barkan Technical Director

    Mr. Gonen Barkan is with Yitran for more than 14 years. Mr. Gonen received his B.Sc.E.E. from the Ben Gurion University in Israel. Since then Gonen is designing powerline communication modem chips for Yitran. He leads PLC modem designs from the low speed to high speed. As an expert in every aspect of a communication modem, Gonen is leading Yitran ASIC hardware group from the first stage in the design up to tape out. Gonen also supports all other development activities in the company, from the PHY, through Networking developments, and guides the technical support group as well.

Yitran Communications is a leading provider of cutting edge Powerline Communication technology for the command and control smart grid market.